What is Caregiver Support at Legacy Link?

Being a caregiver can be draining – emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. We understand that sometimes you need a break or access to information and resources you desperately need. Our free Care Consultations are a telephone-based service to make it easier for you to get the support you deserve.

What services are offered through Caregiver Support?

Clients do not need to be enrolled in any other Legacy Link Program to be eligible to for a Care Consultation, which provides:
  • Awareness of community providers
  • Family and friend involvement
  • Healthcare information
  • Coaching and support for caregivers
  • Problem solving
While you are caring for the person in your life who needs you, lean on our team to care for you. Call us today and get linked to resources for a better life for your whole family.

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Not sure where to begin?

Start with our Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) Counselors. Our Trained Intake Specialists practice active listening and empathy to appropriately link individuals with the community resources and programs, so they can age on a firm foundation of health and well-being.

We understand that taking the first step is often the most difficult. The Legacy Link team offers confidential support, including information, referrals, and assistance concerning services for seniors, family members and persons with disabilities.


Reach out to us.

We are available by phone
(770) 538-2650 or (800)-845-5465
or online through our contact form.


Participate in a screening.

This process allows us to get to know your situation better, so we can thoroughly and properly address the challenges you are facing.


Get connected.

Our caring team will link you to the programs and services toward a better life.